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Home Through Shelter

Oct 13, 2017 |
Haven Ministries is a nonprofit organization in Maryland providing hope to those in need in maryland by supplying shelter, clothing and food and support. Haven Ministries include Haven Ministries Home ... Read more

Law Office of Robert Molinari

Oct 19, 2017 |
The Law Office of Robert Molinari in north york, Toronto, family law general services, divorce, foster, for over 15 years ... Read more

Green Silicone protection tape (PET film) with high heat resistance & Insulation effect

Dec 26, 2017 |
Green Silicone protection tape, also called PET film having high heat resistance & Insulation silicone PSAs tape based on Polyester film. It is easy to remove due to low adhesion feature and no ... Read more

BLUE PET film silicone tape for protecting Graphite & prevention of particle

Dec 26, 2017 |
BLUE PET film silicone tape, a single coated high heat resistant and low adhesion silicone adhesive protection tape used for mobile phone. The product consist the polyster film with 80um thickness ... Read more

Urethane film silicone adhesive Surface Protection tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA prote

Dec 26, 2017 |
Urethane surface protection film, a silicone coated protection film used on ‘Surface Protection’ tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA protector, blue tape). In addtion, the product has a featured ... Read more

AB double sided anti-static korean tape/film for Smartphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector (roll, d

Dec 26, 2017 |
AB double sided anti-static film, an acrylic and silicone adhesive double coated screen protector film used for protection of Smartphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector (roll, die cut). Silicone PSA ... Read more

Transparent rubber adhesive tape (PET film) for peeling a surface protection film & PVC liner

Dec 26, 2017 |
Transparent rubber adhesive tape, a polyster based rubber adhesive surface protection film laminated with a PET liner used for peeling a PVC liner off. This product takes advantage of the strengths of ... Read more

AB double sided tape/film for Smartphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Korean made, roll & die cu

Dec 26, 2017 |
AB double sided smartphone tempered glass film also know as Smartphone Tempered Glass film, a surface protection double coated film of silicone PSA amd acrylic PSA film. Silicone PSA has low peel ... Read more

Double/Single sided acrylic film/tape for NFC antenna, Ferrite sheet, Battery case and electronic co

Dec 26, 2017 |
NFC antenna double sided acrylic film, a base of polyster material which has features of high pressure sensitive, heat resistant with 500~2000gf/in adhesion. This film/tape incorporates unique ... Read more

Daest Coating India Pvt Ltd

Dec 26, 2017 |
Daest Coating are continuously providing a wide various tapes by excellent chemical & heat resistant and no residue after peel off. These products always provided with full range of adhesion and color ... Read more

Blue PET Film Silicone Adhesive Tape

Dec 27, 2017 |
Silicone Adhesive Tape is a highly heat resistant plating masking adhesive tape with a thick adhesive layer applied to a polyester film. ... Read more

Double side Silicone & Acrylic adhesive tape for adhesion & fixing

Dec 27, 2017 |
Double side Silicone Acrylic adhesive tape is a strong adhesion resistance tape which Easily adhere to various surfaces due to high adhesive strength (Acrylic adhesive side). Its one side is Silicone ... Read more

High Temperature Masking TAPE (SMT, FPCB, Etching masking)

Dec 27, 2017 |
High Temperature Masking Tape is an excellent heat resistance & chemical resistance acrylic adhesive single sided masking tape/film that is used for gold plating in FPCB manufacturing. It is easy to ... Read more

Blue masking tape (high insulation, used for finishing work & front side of a core connection finish

Dec 27, 2017 |
Blue masking tape, a PET base silicone adhesive tape with high heat resistance & excellent insulation tape used for masking / finishing / connecting works. The product is easy to apply so no residue ... Read more

Soldering masking rubber tape (Hot air leveling tape, rubber PET tape)

Dec 27, 2017 |
Soldering masking rubber tape, also known as rubber PET tape, are ideal for use in solder wave masking and high temperature paint operations. These Soldering masking rubber tape are also recognized as ... Read more

Framing House

Jan 6, 2018 |
Wholesale manufactures of high quality wooden and Synthetic Italian picture frames. Also in-house Printing Studio offering fine art quality Digital photo and canvas printings. Other services involves ... Read more

Insulation Acrylic tape for electronic/electric component (heat resistance, great adhesion to poly-c

Jan 2, 2018 |
Insulation Acrylic tape is an acrylic based adhesive and PET film containing the peel strength 1600gf/in with total thickness of 60um. Its good heat resistance tested in 120degree heating oven. ... Read more

Sealing tape for battery cell (Seal tape, Cell insulation, Cell finishing, lithium-ion, lithium-poly

Jan 3, 2018 |
Battery Sealing Tape with high chemical resistance and high adhesion due to special Acrylic adhesive that can be used for fixing a battery and other parts. It is also use for finishing / For ... Read more

BATTERY Cell Electrolyte Sealing Tape

Jan 3, 2018 |
BATTERY Cell Electrolyte Sealing Tape, single sided acrylic adhesive tape with high chemical resistance and high adhesion used for a battery of portable electronic equipment. ... Read more


Feb 15, 2018 |
Our unique Crypto Forex investment solution provides our clients with an opportunity to grow their investment in the secured safe environment. There's no complex Forex trading systems to learn. There ... Read more