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Art and Design in Architecture, Roman and Greek architecture ebook download

Art and Design in Architecture All architectural historians with a passion for their country need to record their heritage in an ever-changing world. Why? See Djenne, Mali, Mankind’s Creativity, chapter 18. Our DNA tells us we thrive on decoration from cave to palace, even on our own bodies From mutilation, or makeup to costume, just to be different. Some individuals have a strong desire to dress-up to show-off, from the very poor to the so-called rich. It is an innermost greed in mankind’s religion to show-off. The good architect tries to smooth out these excesses, against the here today and gone tomorrow. And to travel the world does really broaden the mind. A good example is the BBC’s Michael Portillo, our modern-day Bradshaw evangelist, talks about how good HE think’s something is. Positively, he meets people and places. These are the real gems, the richness of small countries and their heritage. My “Art & Design in Architecture: made visible” is my journey through time as a European’s view on history. I would like to see all the corners of humanity from Africa to Asia and all countries in-between, that is someone else’s challenge. Images taken from BBC and film makers have been given with full permission to publish, with credits shown. We have used copyright material to educate the public to widen their knowledge to appreciate art-history that sometimes is lacking. Their national styled gift-shops sell the same nationwide, a funfair-for-things-to-do. Some include modern “Art” in my mind distracts from the real architecture around them. More web sites should record their restoration work, and their architectural unique history, every building has a story to tell us. So, give us the information and educate the public. All subjective comments are the author’s own, like the design comments on the Scottish Parliament Buildings, the Colosseum (author’s name), Chester’s new round Hotel & Office Block, now called the Abode. Enjoy my eBook series of PDF educational illustrated history index, more on their way. MRM 25th February 2017. You may wish to purchase the whole eBook as a single download, this will require a fibre optic high-speed connection. Alternatively, you can purchase the full pdf eBook on a DVD. Index to Illustrated Chapters 1-18: 1 Introduction: History Timescale: Styles and Periods: Charts and Maps Mesolithic, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Georgian, Art Deco, Modern 2 Roman Empire: from Eastern to Western Maps, Countries from around the whole Mediterranean 3 Early Roman architecture, Temples, Palaces, Cirrus, Public Baths, Forums, Colosseum, Monuments, Fountains, and Domestic architecture 4 Rome’s Architecture: many sample buildings, now lost for ever, illustrated from original hand coloured antique prints 5 Images from classical 17th C prints of Rome’s Forum, photographs of the best frescos from Pompeii Ruins, showing the buildings and artefacts as they were in 78 AD. 6 200+ Antique prints and new images of Rome’s finest buildings, all in full colour 7 Examples of the Parthenon’s restoration, together with the stonemason’s working methods 8 Illustrated theories of proportion, symmetry, perspectives including shadows, over 90+ antique and modern examples 9 Examples of old and new architecture, learn from the past to make a better future, over 100+ images 10 Romanesque, British and European architecture, almost 100+ all from antique prints 11 European Gothic, many British, French and German Churches and Cathedrals architectural 150+ detail antique drawings 12 Detailed working drawings of woodworking and joinery, 150+ antique prints, windows, doors, staircases, roofs 13 Baroque architecture 1600-1750 British and European, illustrated in over 100+ antique prints and a few photographs 14 Large collection of British large houses, Ex Abbey’s, Castles, Halls, Manors, Mansions illustrated in 100+ antique prints and few photographs 15 Georgian British, European and American 1714-1830, illustrated in 75+ antique prints and few photographs 16 Roman Chester over 500+ antique and new photographs showing Chester’s full architectural history and how it looks today. Mumfordbooks have published a free map* see free sample download (with every eBook). Chester City Walls Walking Map, with planned routes in conjunction with chapter 16. Starting from 1 Watergate following a “Morning 3-hour route”, with lunch break along Pepper Street. 2“Afternoon 3-hour route”, starting from St. John’s Church. We recommend two all day carparks Watergate-Racecourse and Little-Roodee carpark. There are more carparks within the City walls some have wheelchair access 17 Architectural examples of decoration, stone and wood, ornamentation and pattern, internal and external, used mainly on older buildings up the 1930’s. From the WWII building became rectangular boxed shape. Slowly they morphed into curves, then the competition exploded Now you have almost any shape that will withstand gravity. That’s OK for the architect’s ego and his show-off creation, I question the buildings lifespan and running costs? 18 Summery Examples: Human creativity, individualism from the earliest cave-dwellers to the mud-hut there is an overwhelming desire to decorate to enrich their surroundings. I have used illustrations of doors and doorways to put my visual point across. I enjoyed doing this grouping the different styles together, their verity in colour and shape is extraordinary, enjoy.