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Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd.

Mona Townships is a building society prevalent in the Northern segment of India. It plays an active role in the organizing of the societies of the Punjab region as well as the upliftment of the standards of the living by providing cheap and best quality and also luxurious residential societies to the common and the elite. In the past Mona Townships has done major work in Mohali and Zirakpur area and also did major real estate works in the Rohtak area of Gurgaon. Aobut Mona Townships. Driven by an experience gained over three decades, Mona Townships Private Ltd. (MTPL) is a leading real estate developer based in northern India. Our Team at Mona Townships, take pride in having a commendable performance record of continual growth, optimum customer satisfaction and meeting global standards of construction in all our projects. At present, MTPL has 5 projects under construction in tricity and fifteen more in the pipeline across northern India.