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MT Mohali

The website gives a comprehensive information for your quick reference of Mohali. MTMohali is a reference website for the whole of Mohali covering up the various aspects of the city SAS nagar including Hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutes in the area including colleges of Dental, Management, medical and more and schools, government offices of various kinds for reference, sports in the city, industrial companies, real estate property builders and more. This reference also extends to the nearby area of Chandigarh and more. Alongside it is also a website for a coopertive society of the 2 residential projects of Mona Townships in the City of Mohali by the name of MONA CITY and MONA PARADISE. The website can be used for the reference of both the projects various information including area, price etc. Alongside this website also gives lot of information for your reference ot other builders and their projects in the city of Mohali of SAS Nagar in Punjab.